Find here a bit more info on the services we offer. Everything from custom performances to special requests. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Dance is one of our greatest passions and to share it on stage makes us truly happy. We perform at different locations, from theatres to site-specific locations (nothing is crazy enough!). We have a lot of experience in dance improvisation as well as performing own work or that designed by a choreographer.


Dance is an incredible tool to express oneself. Throughout our years of traveling and teaching all over the world, we have noticed how universal the dance language is. First and foremost, we strive for a positive and safe learning environment in which we challenge our students to go beyond their comfort zone and experience dance from the heart of the art. Workshop intensives, dance courses or one-off dance demos are all examples of how we can teach at your dance event! 

Educational Projects

Loura has a bachelor in dance education and Liam has years of experience in leading education projects around the globe. This has allowed them to experience first-hand how dance can positively contribute to – like the Germans say ‘Zielgruppe’ – a group of souls. e.g. university students, people with a disability, seniors or underprivileged children. Dance is for everyone! We focus on using dance and art as a form to gain togetherness, awareness and as a resource rather than the end-goal.


Organizing an arts festival and looking for people to represent dance? MDC would love to hear your request! We have experience on several occasions of joining an event as dance representative, e.g. being in the judge at an arts/dance festival or hosting a program.

Direct & Choreograph

The stage is one of the places where MDC feels home the most. With having faced many different ages, levels and styles of dancers, Meraki gets a kick out of creating together with the participants a creative product to show to others.


Besides dance and traveling, Meraki Dance Collective also has a great love for the photography and videography scene. We have had the honor to work together with great artists and celebrate doing so. Looking for a (dance) model for your project, commercial, movie or photoshoot? Please feel free to check our portfolio and get in touch.


From organizing a workshop intensive to a full dance charity benefit, from designing the poster and stage technique (light and sound engineering) to setting the artistic content and hosting… Together Liam & Loura have built up the experience on multiple facades of the business and they are happy to help where they can.

Special Requests

Read all of the above but not sure we cover your unique idea? We are open towards any of your suggestions and we take pleasure in brainstorming with you. Birthday party? Possible! Private performance in a garden? Possible! One-on-one coaching? Get in touch!