Ballet Workshops For Adults & Children by Loura in Zhengzhou, China

Loura Sita van Krimpen teaching ballet in Zhengzhou China

Ballet Workshops For Adults & Children by Loura in Zhengzhou, China

Ballet Workshops For Adults & Children by Loura in Zhengzhou, China 5011 2820 Meraki Dance Collective

April 2019 Loura was once again invited to fly over to Zhengzhou from Nanning for dance workshops. Yet this time with a more classical and technical twist… ballet!

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Even though Loura specializes in contemporary dance and dance improvisation, she has an immense love and respect for not only her roots but what is also regarded as the basis of many dance techniques, classical ballet.

Before specializing in Modern Dance at Dance Academy Codarts in Rotterdam the Netherlands, Loura had an extensive ballet education at a high-quality ballet school in a small city in the Netherlands, named de Dansacker. Here is where her seed and love for dance was planted!

Furthermore, Loura has very fond memories of her experience dancing amongst talented and versatile ballet professionals at Dutch Dance Company, the Dutch Don’t Dance Division in repertoires such as the ‘Nutcracker’ and ‘Abdallah and the Gazelle of Basra’, both performed in the Hague.

However, teaching these workshops was more than a trip down memory lane… The workshops in Zhengzhou were structured as follows:

  • Adults (4 hours): content was a balance of technique class, experiencing the joy of dance/elegance of ballet, and repertoire. For repertoire, Loura worked on a specifically for this level and target group choreographed version of the Odette Act 2 variation of Swan Lake which the participants were able to perform at the end of the day.
  • Children (1 hour) creative dance with basic ballet exercises implemented.

Meraki Dance Collective is grateful for it’s relationships such as these with DX Dance Company in Zhengzhou. It’s always so special to get the opportunity to exchange and share dance. Dance is truly, universal!

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