Order your Meraki Dance 2020 Calendar!

Order your Meraki Dance 2020 Calendar! 150 150 Meraki Dance Collective

We, Liam & Loura, from Meraki Dance Collective, wish you the brightest, most loving and inspiring holiday season. May your heart pour over with love and gratitude and may 2020 be your best year yet!

2019 has been quite the year, hasn’t it?

Re-evaluating the past year(s), we’ve noticed how life has gifted us challenges

Living in China as contemporary artists is rewarding – meeting and collaborating with inspiring local artists, being exposed to a culture and a way of life so different than our own, and of course, having the opportunity to ”live” and fully embody the exchange – But, it’s also, like we mentioned earlier, a challenge. 

Instability and uncertainty are a big part of our everyday life.

Even though at times it’s a struggle, it’s also very exciting.

Never a dull moment.

And to celebrate that, ’cause that’s what life is meant to be, celebrated… we decided it would be fun to collect memories and package them into a practical, everyday item, to remind us to celebrate life.

To celebrate life the same way art celebrates life.

With all the ups, downs, the real and unreal.

With that being said, may we present to you our VERY FIRST (this is so very exciting) Meraki Dance Collective 2020 calendar!

So, would you like to dance with us, support Meraki Dance Collective ánd have a one-of-a-kind calendar hanging on the wall coming year?

… then send us a message after finishing this post and we’ll make it happen!

It’s a DANCE calendar packed with black and white images of Meraki’s adventures in China. Besides small reminders of important holidays, you’ll also find the main moon phases, and there is just enough space to write down your personal events.

It’s A3 size and comes with a handy hook to hang up easily.

We can ship the calendar world-wide, therefor the price mentioned below is excluding shipping costs.


€20,00 euro (excluding shipping costs)

$22,00 US dollar (excluding shipping costs)

¥150,00 Chinese Yuan (excluding shipping costs)

If you would like to order, please send a message to and we’ll organize your order from there.

Please let us know the following:

 – How many calendar’s you’d like

– To which address you’d like them sent

– How you wish to pay

You can pay via PayPal, Tikkie (for the Dutchies), WeChat or Alipay for our Chinese friends!

In the coming weeks, we will be collecting all the orders and we will send out all the calendars in the last week of December. We print to the order so there will be no paper waste!


Love, light & the happiest holidays,

Liam & Loura

Magical Improvisation performance at 500 Year Old Ancestral Temple Foshan, China

Magical Improvisation performance at 500 Year Old Ancestral Temple Foshan, China 1984 1323 Meraki Dance Collective

April 2019 has been an overwhelming month for Meraki Dance Collective. Traveling from city to city, sharing their love for dance and arts has been soul-satisfying beyond words. But their last performance of the month is one to remember for many years to come.

Meraki was once again invited by Rebecca to perform at the ‘Dutch Days’ in Foshan. Six Dutch artists were flown over from the Netherlands to contribute to this magical exchange between the Netherlands and China.

Amongst these artists were famous Dutch musicians Henry Kelder, André Heuvelman & Wilmar de Visser who performed breathtaking compositions of both Western and Chinese origin with Chinese master Yu Zhanyou.

Si dolce è’l tormento – Monteverdi by André Heuvelman, Henry Kelder & Wilmar de Visser

Maartje Folkeringa (ceramic artist), Sander van Deurzen and Nathalie Mannaerts also attend the festival as artists. They exchanged with local artists and created artwork especially for the festival which will be exposed throughout the Dutch Days.

Meraki DC performed at both the exhibition site as well as at the breathtaking ancestral temple Zumiao in Foshan. It was truly an honor for Liam & Loura to perform amongst such talented artists in such an awe-inspiring environment. The temple stage is very rarely used for such occasions, ‘grateful’ doesn’t completely grasp their gratitude.

Liam with Dutch Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Marjo Crompvoets, after the show

The concert and performance were both very well received by the audience. A special thanks to Rebecca for her trust in MDC and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for supporting Dutch Artists like Meraki in China.

For some snippets of the magical venue, the performance and vibes feel free to scroll through the gallery below.

Want to book Meraki to perform, teach or choreograph at your next festival?

We can’t wait, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

You can send an email to info (at)

MDC moves to China!

MDC moves to China! 1620 1080 Meraki Dance Collective

8th of February 2016, Where it all started….. i2 international education in Nanning. This was our first experience sharing our love for dance in China. From dance classes, workshops, events, lectures and performing we had a wide range of things to keep us busy. Life is filled with all kinds of different opportunities however you will not always be able to see them let alone take action. Developing your awareness and educating oneself is key! Through education, you will be able to become more knowledgeable and able to grasp the opportunities that present itself. Not only are we teaching dance, a universal language, but also are we sharing our life experiences to broaden our student’s perspective and in turn change their reality of what is possible to achieve.

Our students were adorable say the least. Lovely, energetic and eager to learn dance, the language barrier was absolutely not an issue nor has it been with other projects we have done around the world. Emotions, rhythm, and physical movements are all universal. We love to play with all sorts of music and styles of dance and find the best suitable style for our students. Learning becomes most effective when it is enjoyed. Thus this is one of our top priorities.

When we arrived at i2 they did not have a dance department yet. We were the first ones to help them set this up. Through frustrating and joyful moments, we feel we have done our best to accomplish our goals. China is a huge country with an incredible amount of people inhabiting it. Just staying in one city was not going to work for us. We needed to meet more people, learn more about the culture and most of all spread more awareness on art & dance. After we finished our one year contract we decided to start our own dance collective. Meraki Dance Collective was born!